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Addyi 100 mg is the first certified medication approved to help women from all walks of life restore their sexual desire. Sprout Pharmaceuticals gained FDA approval for this medication in August 2015 and since then has gained major popularity. Addyi 100 mg gives women the opportunity to enhance their desires and improve their sexual health.

Until recently little information about female sexual dysfunction conditions was available. However, in recent years, more women have been reporting sexual health issues which has sparked a major rise in research about the conditions and effective treatments. Our e-pharmacy provides the best prescription free medications online at unbeatable prices without the hassles of appointments and consultations. Read further to find out why and how women buy Addyi 100 mg UK online.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Who Uses Addyi 100 mg?

Addyi 100 mg UK is specifically designed to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Globally, approximately 40% of women are suffering low sex drive, which is understood to be in relation to chemical imbalances. Experiencing low libido is known to last 6 months or longer and often leads to further health issues.

Experiencing low sexual desire is known to cause depression and anxiety which causes various issues in peoples relationships. Women use this ground-breaking medication to get back the desires that have previously escaped them by halting the persistence of low libido and boosting desires toward sexual activity.

How Female Addyi 100 mg Works

Addyi 100 mg contains flibanserin which is works to promote healthy sex drive. This medication works to balance and increase the effects of dopamine and norepinephrine which both boost sex drive. Simultaneously, flibanserin lower serotonin levels, which research indicates is linked to decreasing sex drive. This medication boosts sexual lubrication allowing women to look forward to and enjoy sexual activities.

Maintaining a balanced nutrition and fitness plan during treatment is an effective way of improving sexual desire. Incorporating citrus fruits, fatty fish and leafy greens into a regular diet is a natural and effective way of boosting libido. Drinking 2 - 3 litres of water daily and eating phytochemical-rich foods help enhance libido.

What is Flibanserin

How Long Does Addyi 100 mg Take to Work?

Take Addyi 100 mg according to the usage and dosage instructions prescribed for best results. The standard adult dose is one pill taken at night without food. This systematic medication starts absorbing into the blood stream and has no definitive duration of action. What is understood based on research and reviews, women using Addyi 100 mg are reporting beneficial experiences for up to 18 months.

A highly recommended way of getting the full benefits is by taking one tablet daily for at least 4 weeks. An easy way to moderate consumption is implementing a treatment plan which offers around the clock relief. Research shows that women with a healthy sex drive are more sexually active and more likely to fulfil their desires.

Is Addyi 100 mg Safe?

Yes, the safety and quality profiles of Addyi 100 mg have been extensively trialled and tested by the FDA in accordance with government protocols. As we mentioned, the FDA granted the seal of approval of this medication in 2015. The results that followed proved to the regulatory agencies that this medication functions in the body efficiently and causes no harm when used appropriately.

Some useful tips that can assure easy consumptions and maximum performance is swallowing the medication with a full glass of water. Addyi 100 mg can be taken with or without food but avoid dense meals to prevent any activation delays. Avoid using nitrate based medications and stimulants including alcohol before and during use to prevent adverse blood pressure issues.

Addyi 100 mg Reviews

Reviews are an important tool genuine online retailers use as a measure to check the safety and credibility of the business and the products they sell. Before purchasing Addyi 100 mg, we recommend checking the reviews to get key information about the safety and getting the best performance from the medication. Reviews are an effective avenue new shoppers use to help them navigate through our website to get the best experience when placing an order.

As a trusted and responsible E-pharmacy, we take extra steps to ensure we provide a user friendly service catering to all clients demands. We use the invaluable feedback clients leave in reviews to enhance our business practices and ensure our customers get a service they can rely on. 

Why Women Buy Addyi 100 mg Online

Having the ability to buy Addyi 100 mg UK online confidentially is an appealing aspect drawing more women to use our e-pharmacy to get the relief they need. Shopping for sexual dysfunction medications online is a simple task that is done in complete privacy from a smartphone or computer. Women can purchase this medication at any time without the bothering with appointments for prescriptions.

Customer have access to comprehensive range of products sold at unbeatable which allows customers to order in bulk. Our business offers secure payment options including Bitcoin along with fast home delivery to make the purchase process confidential, hassle free and attainable for women across the globe.

What is Kamagra

Buy Addyi 100 mg UK Online

More women are restoring their desires and engaging in more fruitful sexual experiences now that effective medications are available on demand. To enjoy the benefits too, place your order from our main page. First, you can choose your product from the list and click it to select the quantity. Go to the checkout once you have chosen and provide your phone number, delivery address and email ID.

Next, choose one of the secure payment methods including Bitcoin, MasterCard or VISA to complete the purchase. Your confirmation of payment, the approximate delivery date and the inconspicuous descriptor name identified on your financial statement is emailed to your inbox. All orders are promptly processed at a secure distribution hub within 24 hours and delivered within 2- 4 business days. Our support desk is contactable by phone or email 24/7.

Buy Addyi 100 mg UK from and make your dreams a reality.

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