Originally patented and marketed under the brand name Addyi in 2015 by sprout pharmaceuticals, flibanserin is a leading generic female sexual dysfunction medication. Since the expiry of the Addyi patent, the increasing rise in popularity of this generic version has become prevalent among women suffering from a loss of sexual desire. This medication provides the same effective results as Addyi and is available online

When women need a libido boost, they use the internet to order flibanserin. Until recently, recognition of FSD was limited and the treatment options available required appointments, prescriptions and expensive prices that most women prefer to avoid. That changed when established e-pharmacies hit the market offering exclusive access to affordable, prescription free FSD medications delivered to customers doors.

What is Addyi

Who Uses Flibanserin?

The 4 types of FSD are anorgasmia, sexual arousal disorder, dyspareunia and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). The first three conditions affect a womans ability to reach an orgasm, feel aroused and experience pain in the build-up to and during sexual intercourse. Research indicated that these conditions are related to poor blood circulation.

Flibanserin helps women treat HSDD, which studies suggest is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain and central nervous system. It is estimated to affect up to 45% of women worldwide. HSDD impacts a womans ability to feel motivation or desire to have sex. Women use this medication to restore their sexual desire and enhance their sex life.

How Flibanserin Works

Flibanserin UK is a medication that works by correcting hormonal imbalances  in the brain to help stimulate sexual desires. This medication works by elevating levels and activity of norepinephrine and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters responsible for boosting sexual excitement. At the same time, flibanserin works to reduce the activity of serotonin, which is known to reduce or inhibit sexual desires and function.

By scheduling frequent sexual engagements and doing 30 minutes of strength training and cardiovascular exercises like jogging, cycling and swimming women are well positioned to enhance sexual pleasures and desire. Taking this medication is more effective when using it along with the recommended exercises recognized for boosting sex drive. Women using medication while maintaining a balanced fitness plan are reinventing their love life.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

How Long Does Flibanserin Take to Work?

When women lack desire towards sex, they can use flibanserin to restore and enhance their sex lives long term. Women taking this medication for at least 4 weeks can enhance desire and enjoy heightened satisfaction toward sexual encounters. The effects are long-lasting to help women significantly improve their relationships by enhancing satisfaction towards sexual encounters.

People should read and follow the usage and dosage instructions before taking this medication to achieve the best results. Users can take one tablet daily with a glass of water around bedtime. There is no specific time this medication lasts, however, what we do know is that women that are using flibanserin report positive libido boosting effects that last up to 18 months.

Is Flibanserin Safe?

Yes, the safety of branded and generic flibanserin UK products is proven by the FDA and regulatory agencies through rigorous trials and testing procedures. These procedures are conducted following government legislation to make sure they achieve the expected results without risk. Taking a course of this medication daily for at least 4 weeks is the recommended way for women to enhance their sex drive and improve sexual satisfaction.

Drinking 2 - 4 litres of water per day helps people stay hydrated as well as aiding effective absorption. When taking this medication, eating a light snack is an effective way of preventing a stomach upset. Patients are advised to avoid eating dense meals before use and avoid alcohol or stimulants while using flibanserin.

Flibanserin Reviews

Doing extra research and safety checks is always recommended and another great way of doing so is by checking out the reviews. People can get the answers they need and find out why people use them and where to order. Reviews are particularly beneficial for new shoppers to help them get a better understanding of what to expect from e-pharmacies and the products they sell.

Trusted online pharmacies like us treat reviews as invaluable information used to improve our services. We do so to provide effective medications, information and services to meet our customers demands. To find out more from first hand points of view, check out the reviews section of each product page at our website.

Why Women Buy Flibanserin Online

Women are living their best lives while enjoying the countless benefits they get when choosing to buy flibanserin UK online. Our website is a confidential service offering 24/7 access to a wide selection of approved medication. We do away with consultations, expensive costs and appointments by providing a prescription free shopping experience women can use from the comfort of their home.

Placing an order is made easy with guided prompts. Our secure payment options include BTC and major credit cards and our dedicated support desk is open 24/7 to answer any questions. More women choose to buy flibanserin at our online pharmacy thanks to the convenience we offer. By putting our customers first and offering trusted solutions at affordable prices, our aim is to help more women reconnect with that someone special.

What is Kamagra

Buy Flibanserin UK Online

Enjoying a healthy sex life has never been easier for women now that this medication is available online. Take the opportunity to place an order from our main page by selecting the medication and amount you need. Follow the prompts to enter and submit your delivery address, telephone and email before making a payment. Select Bitcoin (BTC), VISA or MasterCard to make a secure payment.

Our payment confirmation email will include the discreet descriptor name on your monthly transaction statement, the approximate delivery date and the order details. Orders are swiftly packaged and shipped from the closest distribution centre to your address. Home delivery takes an average of 2 - 4 business day. Feel free to contact our support desk by phone or email to get answers to any questions you have.

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